The PTC Group joins Letran "Arriba Career Fair"

APRIL 15, 2024

The Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC) Talent Acquisition Group (TAG), in collaboration with the PTC HR Shipping cluster, participated at the Letran Arriba Career Fair last March 20 with a mission to promote the PTC brand and attract top talents from various disciplines. The one-day activity provided an opportunity for over 200 graduating students from diverse fields such as Tourism, Business Management, Financial Management, IT, Engineering, Communications, Psychology, and Legal Management to explore the employment landscape across different industries.

Ana Sophia Marticio and Emily Arnoco represented the HR Shipping Cluster, while the TAG team Jessie James Estanislao and Marc Alexander Pesquira assisted with the event. The proactive approach earned them the Early Bird Award from the organizers for setting up the PTC booth promptly.

Throughout the fair, 111 hopeful applicants signed up with PTC, indicating a strong interest in potential employment opportunities. Some students like Kent Lambert Ray Cagatan, expressed his intention to apply at PTC upon graduation. Kent said, "I had positive experiences during my internship with PTC Shipmanagement and realized how vast the maritime industry is so I hope to apply at PTC after graduation."

Additionally, the presence of students who had undergone training at the PTC Aviation Training Center visited the booth while their colleagues inquired about how to take their training there. Another student approached the team and said she knew about the company because her brother is a GMP of Jebsen. These demonstrated PTC's reputation and influence within the Letranite community.

Looking ahead, the PTC TAG eagerly anticipates further collaboration with educational institutions, both non-maritime and maritime, to engage directly with potential candidates and facilitate initial screenings and interviews, thereby supporting the efforts of the PTC HR teams.


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