PTC Sea Mariners establishes 11th and 12th ships

OCTOBER 27, 2023

The Sea Mariners Team is thrilled to announce the establishment of its 11th and 12th ship at the Ismael Mathay Senior High School (IMSHS) and Santiago Syjuco Memorial Integrated Secondary School (SSMISS) respectively.

With the establishment of these new ships, the Sea Mariners program at IMSHS and SSMISS have taken significant steps forward, nurturing a new generation of maritime leaders and global citizens, ready to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead on the open seas of life.

The team is also pleased to share that SSMISS is turning Sea Mariners into a School Club! All students in Grades 11 and 12 under the TVL Maritime Strand will automatically become proud members of the Sea Mariners Club of SSMISS. This means 61 additional students will benefit from the enriching learning modules of the Sea Mariners program.

The officers of the two ships have been appointed under the guidance of the adult adviser. To kick off this exciting journey, the Sea Mariners from both schools had a blast playing and learning from the "Master of Disaster" (MOD) board game.

The IMSHS Sea Mariners Ship

The SSMISS Sea Mariners Ship


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