PTC Agri brings fresh produce to the PTC community at "Get My Produce"

MARCH 14, 2024

As part of its ongoing 45th-anniversary celebrations, Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC), through PTC Agri and the HAC HR Team, organized a fresh produce booth on March 8 featuring a variety of locally sourced vegetables. Held in partnership with Agro-DigitalPH, this initiative aimed to provide PTC Group personnel with access to fresh and sustainable produce while underscoring the company's steadfast commitment to sustainability. The booth showcased an array of vibrant fruits and vegetables, grown using environmentally friendly practices, reflecting PTC Agri's dedication to promoting agricultural sustainability within the organization.

Personnel enthusiastically welcomed the fresh produce booth located at the Mainsail Cafe, Penthouse, relishing the opportunity to support local farmers and indulge in wholesome, nutritious foods. By fostering partnerships with organizations like Agro-DigitalPH, PTC Agri not only promotes sustainable farming practices but also empowers local communities and enhances food security. This initiative aligns with PTC's broader sustainability efforts, which prioritize environmental responsibility and social impact, ensuring that the company continues to make positive contributions to both society and the planet.


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