Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC)’s C/E Alfredo Haboc re-appointed as CHED Technical Committee member

APRIL 5, 2024

Chief Engineer Alfredo G. Haboc, QA and Program Director of PHILCAMSAT and The Mast, and Head of Education and Training (TAG) has been re-appointed as a member of the Technical Committee for the BSMarE Program for three (3) years effective January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2027. This committee works and collaborates with the TC BSMT and the Maritime Review Curriculum Committee (MCRC) in all Commission on Higher Education (CHED) programs related to maritime and assists in the Philippine compliance with the STCW to ensure its full and complete effect.

The main responsibility of the committee is to assist the Technical Panel for Maritime Education in the discharge of its functions, including to:

1. Formulate plans and update or develop new policies, standards, guidelines, rules, and regulations related to higher education programs, such as, but not limited to the following:

• guidelines on the implementation of Ladderized Education Programs (LEP), Expanded Tertiary Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEAAP), and Transnational Education and Distance Education (TNEDE) Programs;

• guidelines and criteria on the identification of Centers of Excellence (COEs) and Centers of Development (CODs);

2. Update, revise, or enhance the curriculum and other key areas of compliance to ensure responsiveness to current and advanced industry standards and educational needs;

3. Develop a five-year roadmap for the discipline and strategic directions to ensure responsiveness and relevance to local, regional, and international development priorities;

4. Monitor and evaluate the compliance of programs and institutions of higher learning for appropriate incentives, such as, but not limited to the issuance of permits/recognition, certificates of program compliance (COPC), grant of COE/COD status;

5. Recommend the imposition of sanctions such as, but not limited to, diminution or withdrawal of subsidy, downgrading or withdrawal of accreditation, program or school closure;

6. Represent CHED in meetings, workshops, conferences, consultations, and hearings whenever the need arises; and

7. Perform such other functions as may be necessary for the effective operation of CHED and for the continued enhancement, growth, or development of higher education.

The majority of the outputs of the deliberations/discussions of the Technical Committee for the BSMT and BSMarE and the Maritime Curriculum Review Committee (MCRC) are endorsed to TPME for approval before endorsing to CHED en Banc (CEB) for approval.


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