PHILCAMSAT welcomes Anglo Eastern Maritime to The MAST

JULY 1, 2024

Anglo-Eastern Maritime Training Centre's Capt. Aalok Sharma, Group Director for Training, and Capt. Deepankar Das, Training Manager, visited The MAST last June 25 to hold discussions on new courses for GWO Sea Survival Training and Welding Courses. They were warmly welcomed and given a tour of The MAST's facilities by PHILCAMSAT's Capt. Pol Haboc, Head of Philcamsat and The MAST; Capt. Franklin Malicay, Training Manager of The MAST; Joel Canlas, Assistant Training Manager; Rheena Sollorin, Business Development Manager; Cyril Pelin, Business Development Officer; Dianna Ashlie Mationg, Business Development Officer; and Marah Andrea Ramos, Business Development Officer.


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