NASA and DENR visit First Aviation Academy: A step towards air quality collaboration

FEBRUARY 28, 2024

A delegation from the Asia Air Quality Project led by the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and DENR visited First Aviation Academy to engage in discussions about the methodologies in air quality sampling.

The meeting was facilitated by Dr. Brenna Biggs of NASA. The presentation aimed to foster knowledge exchange and collaboration between the aviation training institution and the environmental monitoring initiative. Recognizing the importance of maintaining high air quality standards, especially in proximity to aviation facilities, the Asia Air Quality Project sought insights from First Aviation Academy, known for its commitment to excellence in training and operational standards.

Asia Air Quality Project shared insights into the broader regional and national context of air quality monitoring, providing valuable information on environmental challenges and regulatory frameworks in the Philippines. The collaborative exchange allowed for a richer understanding of the intersection between aviation activities and air quality management.

Both parties expressed enthusiasm about the potential for future collaborations, including joint research projects, training programs, and the establishment of best practices for air quality monitoring in aviation-related environments. The partnership aims to contribute not only to the continuous improvement of First Aviation Academy's environmental practices but also to the broader mission of enhancing air quality standards across the Philippines.

First Aviation Academy is the only flight school in the Philippines that was visited by NASA and the DENR delegation. Their next stop is in South Korea.


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