MIT Asean Lab Project: PTC’s Digital Social Infrastructure Platform (DSIP)

APRIL 15, 2024

Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC) partners with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management on an ASEAN Lab project that centers on the company's mission-critical Digital Social Infrastructure Platform (DSIP). Talent sustainability is at the core of DSIP together with finding connections and solutions on how we can increase our reach even further and engage with our current and future global professionals in a more meaningful way.

The MIT team, comprised of Andre Schweizer (MBA’25), Somesh Jaiswal (Master of Engineering), Patrick Lemouche (SFMBA’24), and James Lee (MBA’25) had their onsite visit to PTC from March 18 to 22, which provided them a deeper understanding of PTC’s vision, maritime operations, and customer journey. Collaborative efforts with the PTC team aim to develop a DSIP implementation roadmap for solutions to both the youth and ready-now talent and will be presented by the MIT team in mid-May.

PTC looks forward to the recommendations from the MIT Sloan team as this is one more step towards a more sustainable future, moving the world.


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