MARINA partners with PHILCAMSAT for IGF Course in support of greener shipping

MARCH 8, 2024

In a proactive move towards meeting international obligations and addressing environmental concerns, the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) has taken significant strides by designing a specialized Training of Trainers for IGF Course.

This initiative, a collaborative effort between the MARINA STCW Office, the Philippine Center for Advanced Maritime Simulations and Training, Inc., and Kongsberg Digital AS, aligns with MARINA's commitment to comply with international conventions, particularly the 2023 IMO Strategy on the reduction of GHG emissions from ships.

Despite MARINA issuing training standards for Basic and Advanced Training for Ships Subject to IGF Course in 2020, the shortage of accredited instructors and assessors has posed a challenge. Currently, only a handful of training providers are approved, hindering the widespread implementation of these essential courses. However, the newly designed “Training of Trainers for IGF Course” seeks to address this gap by equipping participants with the necessary competencies to become accredited instructors and assessors.

The urgency of decarbonization and the enforcement of environmental regulations, such as the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII), underscore the importance of preparing seafarers for the transition to alternative energy sources like LNG, methanol, and ammonia. As vessel owners increasingly opt for greener fuels, the demand for trained and qualified seafarers is expected to surge. Thus, the “Training of Trainers for IGF Course” plays a vital role in ensuring a sufficient pool of skilled professionals to meet this demand.

Serving as resource speakers for the training were PHILCAMSAT's C/E Sherrain Domingiez and Capt. Quentin N. Cox. Joining them were Ms. Presca Lee Lugo, John Kevin Quilaton, and C/E Donnie Bagang.

Management Level Engineers with expertise on gas tankers or dual fuel engine vessels who have completed relevant IMO courses participated in the training.

The training opened on February 19 with Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC)'s C/E Alfredo Haboc welcoming all the participants while Mr. Peterwilson Tamang of KDI provided an introduction to Simulator Industry Leading Technology. Mr. Samuel Batalla, Executive Director of the STCW Office delivered a keynote presentation from MARINA.

The program commenced on February 28 with a graduation ceremony held at First Maritime Place in Makati.

Through such collaborative efforts and targeted training programs, MARINA, PHILCAMSAT, and Kongsberg aim to bolster the capabilities of Global Maritime Professionals, paving the way for a more sustainable and compliant maritime industry.


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