Let’s RISE, Nasugbu!

SEPTEMBER 29, 2023

Our Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC) RISE Program team attended the 3rd Quarterly Meeting of the Nasugbu Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council last September 13, 2023. The meeting involved updates and information from the past quarter regarding Disaster Risk Reduction and Management activities that took place within the municipality, and the upcoming programs and activities for the last quarter.

RISE Lead Program Officer Josh P. McCarver gave updates on upcoming activities which includes the RISE Master Trainer Program for School Disaster Risk Reduction and Management coordinators of the 47 public schools in the municipality, and the launch of RISE Program for Safe Schools in Batangas State University - Nasugbu Campus.

RISE is one with the municipality of Nasugbu, Nasugbu MDRRMO and Nasugbu MDRRMC in ensuring that continuous disaster risk reduction and resilience programs will be facilitated for the safety and security of Nasugbueños, as we move together in building resilient communities and resilient lives.


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