Japan Philippines Alliance holds inaugural General Assembly Meeting

MARCH 14, 2024

PTC Japan, represented by President Akira Hagiwara, participated in the Inaugural General Assembly Meeting of the Japan Philippines Alliance (JPA) held at Toyama City last March 6, 2024, at the Prefectural Civic Hall 8F Banquet Hall.

The meeting was attended by several business owners and government officials from Toyama City, as well as visiting VIP delegates from the Philippines. The objectives of the JPA are as follows:

1. Hold lectures and meetings on the promotion of friendly relations between the two parties.
2. Introduction and study of culture, tourism, technology, and economy between the two countries.
3. Friendship with Filipinos in Japan.
4. Promotion of exchange among young people from Japan.
5. Other projects as necessary to achieve the purpose of the alliance.

The event was presided over by the Former Mayor of Toyama, Mr Takao Takami, as he greeted the assembly and shared the history of the formation of the alliance. He then proceeded to formally elect the officers and directors of the JPA, and our PTC Japan President, Mr Akira Hagiwara, was elected as permanent director of the alliance.

The role of Director Hagiwara is to provide guidance to all parties on the changing landscape of Japan’s labor market and the plight of Filipino professional workers. During the speech of Director Hagiwara, he mentioned that more industry sectors have been approved by the Japan Labor Department to acquire Special Skilled Workers (SSW) to augment the shortfall in their respective industries. Among these sectors are land transportation drivers, agricultural farmers, elderly caregivers, hotel accommodation cleaners, construction personnel, and manufacturing blue-collar workers.

The evening was capped off by a display of calligraphy by renowned artist Ms. Harumi Furukawa, leading the way to design the artwork that will be displayed in the local government office of Toyama, signifying the lasting partnership of both countries and working towards a common goal. All the delegates present in the evening signed the calligraphy artwork. No less than Ms Tsutomu Igarashi (Member of Parliament Toyama Prefecture), Mr Shigenobu Kato (CEO of Greenland Co.), Mr Masayuki Kanao (President of Toyama Kowan Unso Co), Atty Lara Brudola (President of Food Terminal Inc.),

Mrs Riza Caldazo (Director of Food Terminal Inc.), Mr Joseph Medina (President of Green Solutions 128 Inc), Mr. Marcus Leslie Suntay (General Manager of PTC Japan), Mr. Takao Takami (Vice Chairman of JPA), and Mr Onichi Ishima (Owner of Izumikai Mitsumi) took part in the ceremonial calligraphy.

A new frontier of possibilities for the Filipino professional to showcase his talent in the land of the rising sun.


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