Highlighting Safety: PTC GMPs share best practices in selfie contest

JULY 1, 2024

To highlight the contributions of Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC) Global Maritime Professionals (GMPs) to maritime safety on this Day of the Seafarer, PTC's Family and Crew Relations (FCR) team conducted a weeklong Safety Selfie contest. The contest invited PTC GMPs to send selfies and share their best safety-at-sea tips, emphasizing their knowledge and commitment to safety in the maritime industry.

The response to the contest was overwhelmingly positive, with numerous enthusiastic entries from GMPs. Their participation demonstrated a profound understanding and appreciation of safety practices at sea, reinforcing the importance of safety in their daily operations. Here are some of the best entries:

Claude Allain S. EscaƱo
Safety tip: Always have presence of mind.
Jan Joseph D. Durango
Safety tip: Be mentally ready and remember to be resilient at all times!
Rodel Jonas Abrugar
Safety Tip: Always wear proper PPE according to the safety matrix when doing any type of work.
Masalonga Joemari E.
Safety Tip: Always familiarize yourself with the emergency procedures and safety equipment locations as soon as you board.

FCR also recognized PTC crewing offices for their outstanding support of the activity. Ugland was awarded for having the most entries in the selfie contest, and the MSC Cargo crewing office was recognized for the best DOTS-themed office decorations.

Congratulations to all the contest winners, and a heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated. Your dedication to safety inspires everyone to uphold the highest standards in the maritime industry.


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