First Aviation Academy celebrates its 5th Anniversary

APRIL 15, 2024

First Aviation Academy, Inc. (FAA) commemorated its remarkable journey of five years in the aviation education sector with a vibrant celebration at Subic Bay International Airport on March 18, 2024. The event witnessed the presence of distinguished guests, including the Board Members from MacroAsia Incorporated and the PTC Group.

The anniversary event kicked off with a heartfelt Thanksgiving Mass, reflecting on FAA's achievements and expressing gratitude for the continued support of its stakeholders, ground and flight instructors, and students. Following the mass, the ceremony progressed with the recognition of individuals who have contributed significantly to FAA's success. Notably, the 5-Year Service Awards and Airmanship and Safety Awards were bestowed upon deserving recipients, recognizing their dedication and commitment to the academy's mission.

Chairman Eduardo Tan Luy graced the occasion with a stirring message, reflecting on FAA's journey since its inception and outlining the vision for the future. He expressed his gratitude and excitement for reaching this significant milestone. He said, "Five years ago, we embarked on a journey to provide top-notch aviation education, and today, we stand here celebrating our achievements and looking forward to the future with great optimism.

Employees, including flight instructors pledged to live by FAA's core values - Faith, Integrity, Respect, Safety, and Teamwork - which serve as guiding principles for the academy's operations and interactions within the aviation community. These core values symbolize FAA's unwavering commitment to upholding excellence and ethical standards in aviation education.

Mr. Gerardo Borromeo, the PTC Group CEO and FAA Board Member, delivered the closing address articulating a vision for continued growth and innovation. He underscored the pivotal role of FAA in shaping the next generation of global aviation professionals and fostering a culture of excellence in the industry. He also presented a token of gratitude to MacroAsia for the trust and belief in the PTC Group to establish First Aviation Academy.

The 5th-anniversary celebration served as a testament to FAA's commitment to excellence and innovation, positioning itself as a trailblazer in aviation education and training.

With the unwavering support of its partners, dedicated ground and flight instructors, and visionary leadership, First Aviation Academy continues to soar to new heights, empowering aspiring aviators to fulfill their dreams and contribute to advancing the aviation and airline industry.


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