Empowering PTCAT-TMP Leaders with PHILCAMSAT’s POISE and WISE Training

JULY 1, 2024

The third batch of PTCAT-TMP leaders underwent the Personal Office Institutional Strengths (POISE) and Workplace Interpersonal Skills (WISE) training last June 28. The training was conducted by PHILCAMSAT at its facilities in Makati.

The program prioritizes key facets essential for holistic leadership development including fostering emotional intelligence to better understand and manage emotions, promoting self-awareness to facilitate personal growth and effectiveness, aligning personal values with organizational values to ensure coherence, and fortifying personal resilience to navigate challenges effectively.

Additionally, the sessions emphasize the importance of honing active communication skills for clarity and collaboration and cultivating empathy to foster strong relationships and a supportive work environment.

The training was facilitated by Mark Que, Behavioral Program Head of PHILCAMSAT. Carina Lim, the HR Manager of PTCAT, and Kathleen Bańaria, the Admin & Special Projects Assistant Manager of PHILCAMSAT, were also present to support the program.


training, leadership development, emotional intelligence, self-awareness workshops, resilience, communication skills, collaboration, behavioral training program