Empowering Future Leaders: PTC collaborates with the University of Eastern Philippines and National Teachers College

FEBRUARY 8, 2024

The PTC Talent Acquisition Group (TAG) proactively continues to engage with universities and colleges to cultivate relationships with students and educators and promote the PTC brand, identify, and attract the best and brightest talents.

University of Eastern Philippines (UEP)

Through the efforts of the PTC HR Shipping Cluster, the PTC Talent Acquisition Group was able to meet Analyn Banagbanag, Internship Coordinator from the University of Eastern Philippines (UEP). There are currently 11 UEP Human Resource Management students currently undergoing their on-the-job training within the PTC Group Shipping Cluster for the next 15 weeks.

Ms. Banagbanag expressed her gratitude towards the PTC HR Shipping Cluster for accepting and providing her students with such a valuable opportunity. She was also thrilled to learn about The PTC Group and PTC-TAG's programs for internships, disaster resiliency, and job opportunities that will benefit their students and alumni. “This is a great opportunity for our school to connect with the PTC Group and will share this experience with the UEP management and my colleagues. I hope that your group will be able to visit our campus in Northern Samar.”

National Teachers College (NTC)

The PTC Talent Acquisition Group (TAG) recently had an online meeting with Mr. Jose Alejandro Inciong, who works as the Career Placement Services Officer at the National Teachers College (NTC), thanks to the support provided by the PTC Aviation Training Center.

During the online meeting, Mr. Inciong said "Thank you for connecting with us. I'm very impressed with how extensive The PTC Group is and your programs. I would like to work on special projects with you because of the offerings you have as a group of companies and there are so many different areas that we could explore together."

As PTC TAG continues to build and invest in these collaborations both internally and externally, the team hopes that the PTC Group will continue to strengthen its position, in the competitive job market, attract top talents, and contribute to the development of future professionals in various fields, whether on land, sea and in the air.


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