Empowering future GMPs at the PTC Masterclass on Gender Eaquality and Sea Safety

JULY 1, 2024

On June 25th, in celebration of the Day of the Seafarer, the Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC) Talent Acquisition Group (TAG) proudly conducted the PTC Masterclass Series II. The event saw the active participation of over 40 cadets from partner schools, Mapua Malayan Colleges Laguna, and the Philippine Merchant Marine School - Las PiƱas. The theme for this masterclass, "Gender Equality and Diversity within Maritime Organizations," was particularly timely and relevant, sparking enthusiasm and insightful discussions among the cadets in attendance. Additionally, the importance of safety at sea was underscored, aligning with the IMO's theme of "#SafetyTipsAtSea," which emphasized best practices and preventive measures to ensure the well-being of all seafarers.

The PTC Masterclass featured engaging presentations by notable speakers, including 3/O Christian De Paz, PHILCAMSAT Instructor; Engr. Camille Pastolero, PTCI Talent Acquisition / Education & Training Officer; James Estrada, Fleet Manager; and Hector Manuel Jon Brizuela, PTC-TAG's PEP Program Manager. Their brief yet impactful talks were well-received, resonating deeply with the attendees. The speakers highlighted the importance of fostering an inclusive environment in the maritime industry, where gender equality and diversity are not just ideals but actionable goals. The cadets appreciated the informative content, which shed light on the current challenges and opportunities within maritime organizations.

Through this enriching experience, PTC-TAG aims to equip the next generation of PTC Global Maritime Professionals with the skills and values necessary to promote both safety and inclusivity, ensuring that the maritime profession continues to move forward with a diverse and inclusive workforce.


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