Celebrating the Women of the PTC Group this International Women’s Day

MARCH 14, 2024

This International Women's Day, the PTC Group honored the indispensable role of women in its organization and the various industries that PTC serves, with a special highlight on women’s role in the maritime sector.

Through a video launched on social media on March 8 featuring PTC’s female global maritime professionals, personnel, and leaders, the company recognized the significant contributions of women in maritime and reaffirmed its commitment to fostering a culture of inclusivity and empowerment. Through mentorship programs and inclusive policies, PTC is actively breaking down barriers, paving the way for women to succeed and thrive in this traditionally male-dominated field.

A special tribute video was likewise prepared by the PTC Shipping Cluster HR Team that honors the various facets of the women of the PTC Group and how these characteristics define and shape the culture and story of the company.

In a vibrant display of solidarity and appreciation, PTC joins the global community in illuminating iconic landmarks as it lights up First Maritime Place in a striking shade of purple to commemorate International Women's Day. Happening on the evening of March 8, this symbolic gesture serves as a tribute to the remarkable women who tirelessly serve across air, land, and sea, shaping the world with their talent and dedication. By casting a radiant glow upon its headquarters, PTC honors the invaluable contributions of women in every facet of life, from maritime endeavors to countless other domains, reaffirming its commitment to celebrating diversity and championing equality within the industries it serves.


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