Sea Mariners establishes 11th ship at Tunasan National High School

JULY 7, 2023

The Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC) Sea Mariners team successfully established its 11th ship at the Tunasan National High School (TNHS) last June 22. Tunasan NHS is the only public secondary school in Muntinlupa offering the Maritime strand under the Technical-Vocational and Livelihood (TVL) Track. The Tunasan NHS TVL was established in 2016.

A total of 33 Sea Mariners from Tunasan NHS attended the face-to-face Orientation facilitated by PTC's Crystal Lopez and Hector Brizuela. The Sea Mariners participants also got the chance to play the Master of Disaster (MOD) Board game, which not only provided an enjoyable experience but also imparted valuable lessons to them.

Officers of the Sea Mariners TNHS ship were elected during the event. The elected officers then signed a Charter Agreement as a sign of their commitment to lead the Sea Mariners of Tunsan NHS in the activities and learning sessions. The Sea Mariners Team extends its appreciation to Principal Dr. Ador Querubin and Mr. John Gabriel Castro, adult adviser for the Tunasan NHS Ship, for the successful implementation of the program.


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