PTC RISE and SDI bring internet connectivity and disaster preparedness to Pampanga's community schools

JULY 7, 2023

The PTC RISE Program in partnership with Smart Development Institute (SDI) is bridging disaster information to rural barangays in Minalin, Pampanga. The program aims to provide connectivity to students of Dawe Elementary School, Barangay Dawe, and Santo Rosario National High School in Minalin and aid in the delivery of disaster information and education programs to students and community members. It includes the deployment of Starlink internet transceivers which will serve as vital communication points between remote barangays and the local government of Minalin, especially in times of disasters.

Barangay Dawe is an island barangay in Minalin which is only accessible by boat from the mainland. The barangay and the school, which serves around 100 pupils, face the risk of getting isolated in times of high flooding brought by storms and sea level rise.

"This initiative of the PTC RISE Program together with the Smart Development Institute is a testament to the two organization's continuing support to communities in order to help them become disaster-resilient. This is made possible by bridging reliable disaster and hazard information and maintaining a clear connection with strong local government partners.

"We'd like to thank Smart Development Institute for sponsoring the units of Starlink. Rest assured that this will benefit many students in these schools," said Hex Brizuela, Program Manager for the PTC Talent Acquisition Group which manages the PTC RISE Program.

PTC RISE Program Manager Hex Brizuela (center) together with teachers and students of Dawe Elementary School in Minalin, Pampanga. Also in the photo is C/E Raul Manlapaz (back, right), a seafarer and champion of PTC programs in Minalin.

SDI has been a partner of PTC through the RISE Program among other initiatives. In 2021, SDI and Project Handclasp supported the training components of RISE through innovation by deploying the RISE Smart Mobile App, which empowers communities to have access to reliable and accurate information and report incidents and emergencies through personal devices.

PTC RISE Program currently serves 11 seafarer communities around the Philippines, helping build disaster resilience through various initiatives. To know more, follow the PTC RISE Program Facebook page.


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