PTC GMPs pledge their commitment to protecting the oceans through FCR photo contest

JUNE 30, 2023

The Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC) Family and Crew Relations (FCR) Department proudly congratulates the winners of its "Guardians of the Marine Environment and the Planet" contest which showcased how PTC Global Maritime Professionals and their families help protect the oceans through the work that they do onboard and their everyday actions onshore.

1st Place Winner
2/O Edmar Rosales Ogao-ogao
Ugland Marine Management
"This photo was taken in Mexico. This specific activity brought me to a historical spot on the ocean with a shipwreck lying on the seafloor," shared 2/O Edmar Ogao-ogao, 1st-place winner. "Seafaring is more than just traversing the surface of the waters to deliver goods to and from specific parts of the world. Our livelihood also depends on how healthy the vast oceans are. On a global scale, I’ve made myself aware of the current environmental challenges facing the shipping industry."

"Since I started working as an officer onboard, I gained knowledge of the different governing bodies and international laws dedicated to protecting the marine environment. I continuously keep up with these standards to ensure their effectiveness. Last year, I made a brief research study on the current 2023 CII (Carbon Intensity Index) Regulations which is a global effort to minimize greenhouse gas emissions from shipping. This contributed to and led to our company implementing new technical and operational improvements on our Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan as part of its compliance with the new regulation. Seeing my theoretical research come into play was a fulfilling reward for me, which fueled my belief in small actions bringing major impacts."
2nd place winner Dexter Tayupon meanwhile explains that his photo entry illustrates how rivers flow like a vein connecting to the sea. "It shows that through our simple acts of not throwing garbage, not dumping harmful wastes, and not constricting the waterway, we can benefit from the marine environment as a source of food and a venue for recreation. We can give our child and our children's children the chance to see the beauty of nature as it is."

2nd Place Winner
OIC-NW Dexter Toledo Tayupon
PTC Shipmanagement Inc.

3rd Place Winner
Motorman Jerome Concepcion
Ugland Marine management
"Through simple actions, GMPs can be role models of environmental protection," states Ugland's Jerome Concepcion. "Onboard, we make sure to segregate our waste properly. We continuously undergo training on how to take care of our environment. As seafarers, giving importance and taking care of nature should start with us. It also with us that actions for the planet should start and we should likewise teach these to our shipmates onboard."
The winners were awarded grocery gift packages worth P5,000, P3,000, and P2,000 respectively. FCR wishes to acknowledge Mr. Andres Borromeo of PTCAT, Ms. Kathleen Banaria of PHILCAMSAT, and C/E Alfredo Haboc of the PTC Education and Training Group for serving as the competition's panel of judges.


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