PTC GMP 2/O Edmar Ogao-ogao wins MARINA & ISWAN Day of the Seafarer competitions

JUNE 30, 2023

Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC) proudly congratulates PTC GMP 2/O Edmar Rosales Ogao-ogao for winning MARINA's Digital Slogan Making Contest held in celebration of the Day of the Seafarer. The contest is part of MARINA's efforts to raise awareness and active engagement among Filipino seafarers in the preservation of the marine environment. The winners were announced during an awarding ceremony at the New Coast Hotel Manila last June 25.

Reflecting on his entry, 2/O Ogao-ogao said, "As a global maritime professional dedicated to understanding, addressing, and acting upon the issues related to the marine environment, I am deeply committed to promoting sustainability and responsible stewardship in all sectors of the shipping industry. I believe that seafarers, together with shipping companies and maritime unions, have a critical role in protecting our planet's fragile ecosystems and ensuring that future generations can still enjoy clean air, water, and natural resources."

2/O Ogao-ogao was also selected as the winner of the International Seafarers Welfare and Assistance Network's (ISWAN) Reels Challenge Competition which invited seafarers to post a video under the theme of #SeasTheMoment capturing where they are and what they are doing as they perform their noble work at sea.

2/O Ogao-ogao is also the winner of PTC FCR's recently concluded "Guardians of the Marine Environment and Planet" photo contest. Congratulations again to Edmar. Your PTC family is very proud of you!


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