Northern Star Energy brings "Sikap, Tulong, Sulong" to Isabela

JUNE 9, 2023

Northern Star Energy is happy to share the success of the latest Sikap, Tulong, Sulong! (STS) initiative at the Sinsayon Elementary School. The committed STS team outdid themselves, accomplishing more than planned by completing 10 bookshelves (originally 8), constructing 7 blackboards, fixing one roof and five ceilings (instead of just one), and repainting three classrooms. The company likewise recognizes everyone who supported Project Marigold – NStar’s employee-led donation drive that contributed necessary items for the school.

Through STS, Northern Star partners with various non-government organizations to create a legacy in the communities where it operates. With the joint passion and effort (SIKAP) of the community, retailers, and the help (TULONG) of the Northern Star team, beneficiaries can improve their lives, move forward (SULONG), and aspire for a better future. STS’ central themes are education, health, environment, and values formation.


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