Jebsen PTC GMPs and their families learn about disaster resilience with RISE

JUNE 23, 2023

Jebsen PTC global maritime professionals together with members of their families gained a deeper understanding of Basic Disaster Preparedness through a lecture delivered by the PTC RISE Program Team dubbed "Gabay sa Marino at Pamilyang Jebsen PTC." The seminar was held on June 23 at the Jebsen PTC PDOS Room in Pilgrim Building, Makati.

"Gabay sa Marino at Pamilyang Jebsen PTC" is part of the company's weeklong celebration of the Day of the Seafarer. Led by PTC TAG-PEP Program Manager Hector Brizuela, the GMPs and their families were oriented on how they can effectively prepare for disasters that may affect their families and their community.

After the lecture, a session of the Master of Disaster (M.O.D) Board Game was facilitated by RISE Lead Program Officer Josh McCarver which allowed the GMPs and their families to synthesize their learning about Disaster Preparedness and Response, all while having fun.


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