Cheerybell Danseco: Starting a journey towards a global career

MARCH 17, 2023

Cheerybell Danseco, a psychology student from La Consolacion College Tanauan, will start her on-the-job training at Jebsen Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC) this month. The PTC Talent Acquisition team first met Cheerybell during La Consolacion’s “Employment Readiness Training Series" last January 25, 2023, where she served as one of the event's hosts.

During the career talk, Cheerybell learned about the many opportunities with the PTC Group's various clusters spanning maritime, health, finance, aviation, real estate, and many more. "As a graduating psychology student, I believe that PTC is a great company to work with as it will allow me to use the talents and abilities that I already have," she said.

The youngest in their family, Cheerybell has always desired to work as a psychologist. For this reason, she is driven and motivated to finish her studies and believes that this path will allow her to become a better communicator and understand human behavior better. Her goal right now is to get her psychometrician license after graduation and launch a career that will allow her to support her family.

With her on-the-job training with Jebsen PTC, she looks forward to new experiences and understanding the culture of care that PTC espouses, especially in the maritime industry. She feels excited and grateful as this would be her last internship training, setting the stage for greater opportunities in her chosen field of study.
Cheerybell with her fellow trainees during the PTC OJT Orientation.
"I'm looking forward to learning about how to become more professional, skilled, and knowledgeable through the PTC way," explains Cheerybell. "I'm excited to join The PTC Group through Jebsen PTC and learn what it is like to work in a professional atmosphere. I am very grateful to have discovered PTC, and I'm really honored to be accepted as an intern to work with professionals and gain fresh insights from a big company where I can improve my abilities and skills."

As the Talent Acquisition Group drives towards its mission of attracting talents, providing value, and building careers, the team will continue to reach out to more universities and colleges to promote the PTC Group and hopes to connect with students like Cheerybell to help provide opportunities for future Global Filipino Professionals.


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