Berge Bulk GMPs, Sea Mariners cadets, and PTC volunteers unite for coastal cleanup and mangrove planting activity

MARCH 17, 2023

Last March 11, the PTC Sea Mariners team of the Talent Acquisition Group, assisted Berge Bulk in a coastal cleanup and mangrove planting activity held at the Tanza Marine Tree Park in Navotas City. The event was attended by 170 global maritime professionals from Berge Bulk and their families and 50 members of Sea Mariners, PTC's youth engagement program for future global Filipino professionals.

Sea Mariners aim to provide an after-school learning experience for students aged 11-21 to give them exposure to the maritime profession, provide opportunities for participants in sustainability programs, and give an open platform for discussion and knowledge sharing about the maritime profession. The Sea Mariners ships that attended the activity were from Santo Rosario National Highschool in Minalin, Pampanga, and Tanza National High School in Navotas City.

Through the collaboration of Berge Bulk, PTC, and Sea Mariners, the cleanup resulted in the collection of 2,376 kilograms of non-biodegradable waste from the 1-kilometer shoreline of the park. Moreover, participants were also able to plant 200 seedlings of mangrove which could offset 2,460 kilograms of atmospheric carbon per year.

The activity is the first of many joint activities planned between Berge Bulk and PTC in pursuit of common sustainability objectives of both companies.


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