12 public schools receive gifts of knowledge from PTC-CSJ

APRIL 15, 2024

The Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC)-CSJ Foundation has generously donated a significant number of books to 12 public schools in three localities, bringing the gift of knowledge to students.

The recipient schools included Bayanan Elementary School Unit 1, Filinvest Alabang Elementary School and Victoria Homes Elementary in Muntinlupa City; Santol Elementary School and Lanatan-Munting Tubig Elementary School in Balayan, Batangas; and Pacita Complex National High School, Pacita Complex Senior High School, Pacita Complex 1 and 2 Elementary Schools, Bagong Silang National High School, Chrysanthenum Village Elementary School and Landayan Elementary School in San Pedro, Laguna.

Since July 2023, the Foundation has distributed almost 11,000 books to 53 schools nationwide, made possible through generous book donations from the Carmel Mission Basilica of California.

These book donations demonstrate the PTC-CSJ Foundation's unwavering commitment to education by empowering young minds, nurturing their lifelong love for reading, and igniting their passion for learning.


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