STI College holds Airline Operation Ocular Inspection Fieldtrip at PTC Aviation Training Center

JANUARY 26, 2024

PTC Aviation Training Center welcomed 4th year BS Tourism Management students from STI College – Angeles and San Fernando, Pampanga to its facilities in Paranaque for their Airline Operation Ocular Inspection Fieldtrip and Seminar. During their visit on January 15, 2024, the students underwent a workshop that covered key topics such as flight routine from boarding to landing, inflight and safety announcements, hands-on mockup activity, individual safety demo, and actual inflight food service including slide drills.

This kind of practical exposure is crucial for students pursuing careers in the tourism industry, especially in roles related to aviation. STI students also had the opportunity to interact with the center's experienced instructors who shared their knowledge and experience and provided valuable and enriching learning experiences in the field of aviation.

The successful collaboration between the PTC Talent Acquisition Group and PTC Aviation Training Center, which facilitated the meeting with STI College representatives in November 2023, highlights the importance of networking and creative cooperation. This collaboration not only benefits the students but also serves the broader goals of promoting the PTC Group.

The PTC Talent Acquisition Group continues to partner with and promote all of PTC’s business units and at the same time, help sustain a robust talent pipeline to the meet current and future needs of the PTC Group.


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