Komaya Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC) GMPs recognized for rescue of migrants off the coast of Tunisia

NOVEMBER 17, 2023

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore has commended the officers and crew of Komaya Shipping's MV Kingston for their bravery in saving 20 refugees off the coast of Tunisia on October 29th. The team was recognized for providing the rescued refugees with all the necessary assistance in accordance with Chapter V of the SOLAS Convention.

During their voyage, the Officer on Watch (OOW) of Komaya's vessel Kingston spotted a blue wooden boat adrift in the Mediterranean Sea, carrying 20 passengers from Sudan, Egypt, and Eritrea. The boat had been at sea for four days without food, water, and fuel, and the refugees were trying to reach Italy.

The Master of Kingston immediately sent out an SOS and coordinated with the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centers (MRCC) of Tunisia, Rome, and Malta to report the situation. TROTOMAR III, a yacht sailing nearby, responded to the SOS. After consultation with the skipper of the yacht and other parties, the Master decided to transfer the migrants to the yacht for their safe passage to Italy.

The officers and crew of MV Kingston provided the refugees with necessary food, water, blankets, and life jackets through a basket lowered to them via a lifeline. TROTAMAR III arrived a few hours later, and the transfer of the rescued migrants began.

The crew's performance in this rescue mission was exceptional, with the captain and crew quickly assessing the situation and working closely with TROTAMAR III to ensure that the rescue was carried out safely and efficiently.


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